Our Hydro-Scheme

Bala Cottage Holidays have recently completed our own Hydro Scheme using a pre existing site from 1950 that used to provide electricity to Crogen Hall. The scheme is a “run of river” scheme. Having had the basics in place already it made the job a lot easier, although like all these things, various challenges did present themselves!

In reacting to the UK’s requirement to move away from fossil fuels, energy security and the need for renewable energy, our green credentials are credible with an annual generation of 100Mwh of renewable electricity – or a potential saving of 50 tons of Co2 emission. This equates to approximately 25 households. It is very exciting to have a hydro scheme and see the reinstatement of 1950s technology.

John and Lou believe this is the way forward in the world we live in today and is one of many such schemes in the Dee Valley and North Wales either in planning, build or completed. We would be happy to show you the Hydro Scheme and John (who managed the whole scheme himself) would be very happy to answer any questions you may have. For more on the History of Hydro Electricity follow the link Here.